Defining Moments

Ours is a legacy established by the Marines at Belleau Wood, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Chosin Reservoir, but there is much more to our history than our successes in battle. From the first integration of African-Americans into our ranks to the first Marine female engagement teams deployed into Afghanistan, there are many moments that have defined our years, advanced our Corps and paved the way for future generations of Marines.

Explore the Montford Point Marines' unquestionable dedication to their country—and their Corps. And see how courage and honor drove an entire generation of Marines to strive for equality.

Montford Point

Over 20,000 Montford Point Marines loyally served our nation in the face of prejudice and discrimination, participating in many of the most important battles of the Pacific, Korea and Vietnam. These Marines made history. And paved the way for generations to come.

Female Engagement Teams

The warriors of FETs bridged cultural gaps, gathered intelligence and built trust with Afghan women male Marines traditionally couldn't. FETs successfully completed their mission in late 2012.

MARPAT Camouflage

In 2000, the Corps set out to redefine the combat uniform from the ground up. The Corps' digital camouflage continues to win awards for its versatile concealment properties in a wide range of environments around the globe.

Roles in the Corps: Scout Snipers

Scout Snipers are Infantry Marines skilled in long-range marksmanship from concealed locations. Their primary mission is to conduct close reconnaissance and surveillance operations in order to gain intelligence on the enemy and the terrain.