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Embassy: Italy


In Italy, Marine Security Guards are assigned to the Embassy of the United States, which is housed in the Palazzo Margherita, Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome. The palace was constructed in 1890 for Prince Rodolfo Boncompagni Ludovisi of Piombino, but its excessive cost forced him to sell it to the Italian state. The palace became the residence of Queen Margherita until 1926. In 1931, it was acquired by the United States and placed on America's Register of Culturally Significant Property. Marine Security Guards (MSGs) protect American embassies and their diplomatic missions all over the world. Commanded by the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) in Quantico, Virginia, the mission of every MSG is to guard the embassy in order to provide protection for United States citizens and prevent the compromise of classified information and equipment that is vital to national security. Italy is a NATO ally and leading partner in the counterterrorism efforts of the United States. Italy hosts a number of U.S.Military forces with over 11,000 military personnel stationed there.

In Proximity




At this very moment, there are literally thousands of Marines forward deployed in the well decks and hangar bays of amphibious assault ships, strategically positioned off coastlines around the world. Wherever the next threat may be, Marines are already nearby, ready to resolve conflicts before they can elevate into full-scale war.


Marines are deployed all over the world, resolving conflicts, facing down threats and responding to natural disasters. When we go into someone else's country, it is important that we defeat our enemies—without making new ones. Part of Marine Corps pre-deployment training is learning how to interact with different cultures, including learning their customs and languages. Winning our nation's battles sometimes means first winning over the local population.


It is the presence of a Marine that lets the world know this isn't just another government building—this is a United States Embassy. Marines defend over 100 U.S. embassies abroad, as well as the people and highly classified materials inside them. Marine Embassy Security Guards not only protect our ambassadors—they represent our people and our culture to foreign countries, and their actions speak for our entire nation.


The Marines' Hymn states that Heaven's streets are guarded by United States Marines. Marines are also the distinguished few who stand sentry outside the West Wing Lobby of the Whitehouse. When the President of the United States is working in the Oval Office or holding a press conference in the Rose Garden, four Marines stand guard. This post is reserved for Marines of the Infantry, since they symbolize what every Marine stands for—honorable service in defense of our nation and its interests.


In every corner of the globe, there are Marines fighting to protect every community back home, but not all missions are focused abroad. Marines who serve aboard bases and stations in the United States find ways to directly support the surrounding regions through volunteer work, coaching and other forms of community service. Learn more about how Marines are leaders both on the battlefield and in their communities.


Whether outside the White House on the South Lawn or overseas in a foreign country, wherever the President of the United States may be, Marine One is nearby to provide quick transportation by helicopter. The call sign of Marine Corps helicopters while transporting the Commander in Chief, Marine One has been trusted to fly every U.S. President since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957. Marine Two is responsible for flying the Vice President.