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Leadership at Every Level

Stanley: You don't make yourself a leader, and you can demand respect but you won't get respect unless you've earned that respect. That's a part of leadership is earning that respect.

Petronzio: Leadership takes on new meaning when you join the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps will give you the tools in order to step forward if you have it in your heart to be able to lead Marines.

Smith: There's nowhere else you're gonna get that leadership experience where your truly gonna be tested. We're talking about possibly managing forty people in the most chaotic, stressful environment that there is.

Erdman: The Marine Corps as enlisted puts you in charge, if you show the skills and ability, even if you don't initially, they'll give you the chance and give you the tools to work with that at a very young age.

King: I never thought that one day that I would be in charge of two and a half million dollars worth of equipment and have 16 plus Marines under my charge and many people depending on me.

Novey: Going through Marine training it's made me a leader; it's overall made me a better person ready for any situation.

Draughon: As a Marine, to be able to think on your feet is basically to make a decision at the point of friction whatever the situation may be.

Booker: People want leaders, and in the Marine Corps from day one we make leaders not only just in the Marine Corps but also in life.

Batson: Leadership is also about having a vision; it's not about just the here and now. It's really about where we need to be and creating that vision for your Marines and being able to inspire them to focus on that and to do the best job that they can possibly do.