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Marine Corps Reserve

Ottley: The Reserves is one of those things that is so critical to our forces now because like the word says, we are a force in reserve, and we are there to fill certain gaps that the Marine Corps has at any given point in time.

Long: The Marine Corps Reserve is very similar to active duty. In fact, the basic screening requirements are the same, and those individuals who want to be a Reservist, they will go to boot camp, to Marine Corps Combat Training, and also their Military Occupational Specialty school. Some of the benefits for being in the Reserves are you get to stay local where you enlisted from. In fact, a Reservist would stay in this area and be able to go to college or maintain their job if that was what they chose to do.

Ghee (off camera): When you're in active duty, that's your full time job. A Reserve is essentially like a part time job to where you can still serve your country, but you also have your civilian obligations/employment.

Ottley: It's not just one weekend a month. It's not just two weeks a year for training. It's much more than that. There's special missions that Reservists can go on around the world.

Ghee: I think for me personally the benefits in the Reserves is to have that camaraderie. In addition to that is putting the uniform on and being able to serve my country in a different capacity other than active duty. To me, that's a huge moral benefit, plus you get paid for what you really love doing.