Capt Bryce Saddoris: Marine, Athlete, Leader

Capt Bryce Saddoris: Marine, Athlete, Leader

Capt Bryce Saddoris, a ground supply officer 2nd Marine Logistics Group, was named the Marine Athlete of the Year for 2015. Saddoris is the officer in charge and also a competitor for the All Marine wrestling team. Marine Corps Photo by LCpl Sean Berry.

Capt Bryce Saddoris knows a few things about taking on challenges. Engrained with the Marine Corps core values of honor, courage and commitment, and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Capt Saddoris managed to balance being at one of the nation's most demanding service academies with a career as an All-American wrestler. Upon graduation in 2011, Capt Saddoris earned his commission as a Marine Corps Officer. In 2015, he came within an arm's length of an Olympic bid, was a second place finisher at the Pan-American Games, and capped off the year being named the 2015 Marine Corps Athlete of the Year.

Now a ground supply officer with the 2nd Marine Logistics Group, Capt Saddoris recently took part in an Ask A Marine chat on Facebook with the Marine Corps Recruiting Command audience, who asked him about an array of topics like enlistment, recruit training and his experiences as a wrestler and athlete in the Marine Corps. Between his training on the mat and as a leader of Marines, Capt Saddoris has managed to find a balance between the rigors of the Marine Corps and the demands that come with being one of the best wrestlers in the entire world. While he continues to strive for excellence as a wrestler, it's his work as a Marine that he says will never be eclipsed.

"The journey has been incredible. I think the best thing is the people I have met and the friends I have made," he said during the chat. "You will definitely be challenged, but when you overcome those challenges, there are no greater feelings. I have never regretted the decision I made to become a Marine."

And while he's driven by a desire to win and compete at the highest level of his sport, the leadership and guidance that he's tasked with as a Marine Corps Officer still serves as the motivator in his day to day life at Camp Lejeune. As a competitor, the idea of being one of the nation's finest was a natural attraction for him.

"The Marine Corps is considered the fiercest fighting force on earth, and I wanted to be a part of that organization," he said. "What motivates me the most is being able to lead those Marines and develop them in their specific careers."

As a Marine, a wrestler, and graduate of the Naval Academy Capt Saddoris has never shied from challenges. But it's the completion of recruit training that he says will stay with you forever.

"I can promise you it will be one of the biggest accomplishments you will do in your life," he told the community. "I have never regretted making the decision to join the Marine Corps and am happy to be a Marine today."

Capt Saddoris will be having another Ask A Marine Chat in July. Follow our Facebook page for more information and how to participate.