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The weapons Marines carry are of no use without the ammunition that makes them effective. An integral component of every Marine's gear is the lightweight system of equipment pouches that provides for convenient storage and easy access to ammunition of gear.


  • M16/M4 Speed Reload Magazine Pouch – Holds the "first choice" magazine
  • M16/M4 Single/Double Magazine Pouch – Holds two magazines
  • 9mm 15 Round Magazine pouch – Holds one 9mm magazine
  • 40mm Grenade Pouch – Holds one 40mm grenade
  • Pop-up Flare Pouch – Holds one pop-up flare
  • M67 Grenade Pouch – Holds one M67 grenade
  • 12-Gauge Shotgun Shell Pouch – Holds ten, 3-inch 12-gauge shotgun shells
  • Multi-Grenade Pouch – Will hold one smoke grenade, thermite grenade, star cluster grenade or two flash-bang grenades
  • Dump Pouch – Holds empty magazines
  • Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) Utility Pouch – A multi-purpose/bulk carrying pouch that can fit the 200-round SAW drum