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Officer Candidates School: Physical Training

[Marine 1]:
It's the Marine Corps, it's not supposed to be easy.

I would advise young men and women who are thinking about coming to Officer Candidates School is that you need to be, first of all, physically prepared. Second of all, you need to understand that this is gonna challenge you.

[Marine 3]:
The majority of the candidates that come here are in shape and they're ready to hit the ground running. Their OSOs do a lot of work with them. A lot of them are in ROTC programs as well that help prepare them not just physically but mentally as well.

That prep activity both before Officer Candidates School and while he's engaged in training really makes a good candidate down here.

[Marine 5]:
Once we find out they're physically qualified, we give them a physical fitness test, which consists of a 3-mile run, 27 minutes for females, 24 minutes for males; must do pull-ups, just over eight at least; and must be able to do at least 80 crunches in two minutes.

[Marine 6]:
Well, it's necessary to have a high level of fitness in the Marine Corps at OCS, for one, to make it through here and to set that standard early in that Marine's career so that they can build from there and go back into the fleet and teach their younger, enlisted Marines a high level of physical fitness.

I've seen both sides of it-I've seen guys who are in outstanding physical condition who get down here and who may not take it seriously enough and they're sent home. Then I've seen the candidates who aren't sports players, they don't play any sports, but they have the heart. They just have something you didn't see coming and they gut it through and they make wonderful officers.

[Marine 8]:
The Confidence Course that we got here at OCS is what you can see behind me. It's mainly a course that's done with all high obstacles or obstacles that you have to get over things without being able to touch the ground. So, it is a confidence-building course and at the same time it's a decent workout because you're also using a lot of endurance, and muscular fatigue starts coming into play when you're climbing around on some of this stuff.

The ability to lead from the front, run well, develop their upper-body strength.

[Marine 10]:
It's mind over matter. If you wanna do it, it's possible. It's definitely in everyone's reach if you really wanna do it.

[Marine 11]:
It's been a great experience. I've grown a lot as a person, I've learned a lot about leadership. So you just got to keep moving and constantly be pushing forward.

[Marine 12]:
Physical fitness is a huge component to success at Officer Candidates School.