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BYRON OWEN: There's two kinds of intelligence in the world. You have-- the intelligence you learn from books and then you have the intelligence you learn from experience and through the lessons that are passed down through your family. My name--

ON SCREEN TEXT: Capt. Byron Owen.

BYRON OWEN:  --is Byron Owen. I'm a captain in the United States Marine Corps.


ON SCREEN TEXT:  Miriam Rodriguez Owen, Mother.

MIRIAM RODRIGUEZ OWEN: --always had a thirst for knowledge. I used to take him every single day to the library. Byron wanted to learn Japanese. So he took Japanese for three years and he became quite fluent.

JAMES OWEN: And actually--

ON SCREEN TEXT:  James Owen, Father.

JAMES OWEN: --in other languages too. He actually speaks-- fluent Arabic.

BYRON OWEN: My parents gave me a real drive to succeed. To never accept second best for myself or from others. And to continuously push myself and those around me to be better.

MIRIAM RODRIGUEZ OWEN: Education is the key to better yourself. At least that's what my mother taught me.

BYRON OWEN:  I try to pass on those same-- virtues that my parents gave me and try to instill in my Marines an understanding of how important knowledge is and how important education can be. Not only for your personal success but showing them how a history vignette from Caesar can relate directly to a combat tac (PH) that we see and experience today.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Marines. The Few. The Proud.