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Roles in the Corps: Signals Intelligence Officer

[Capt Tweed]:
Specifically, I'm a Signals Intelligence Officer. With that is a focus predominantly on understanding enemies' communications.

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That involves gathering information wherever we can from various sources about what an adversary may be doing, [Background Noise…] presenting that information in a logical and cohesive format for a commander so he can make a decision and often providing some form of an assessment of what I think it means so he can help put that into context.

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The one thing that I've learned and have reinforced over and over again throughout this is that the need to work with other elements, not just other intelligence specialties, but other elements within the Marine Corps, be it a Logistics Officer, an Administrative Officer to understand the various facets that allow me to do my job better that also allow them to do their job better and make the organization work smoother.

Because of our size, we rely a lot more on our personal relationships. And so there's closeness there that allows you to accomplish the mission, as well as take care of each other along the way. It's worthwhile knowing that my work helps preserve the nation, create a better environment hopefully for my family, my children, my extended family as they grow and provide security that allows the freedoms and the opportunities that I enjoyed-to continue to prosper as they grow.

What I get back from being a Marine is a personal satisfaction knowing that I have done something for the greater good.