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Week 11: The Crucible

Enemy has been neutralized. Regain position and continue to patrol.

When we come in, when we come in, we're going to be working just like we did on pugil sticks. Do you understand that?

Yes, ma'am!

We're gonna come in loud and vicious with our hands up to the sky. Do you understand that?

Yes, ma'am!

At that time you take a step back and assume that basic warrior stance. Do you understand that?

Yes, ma'am!

We've been building it up; it's time to let it out.

Aye, ma'am!

It's time to let it out!

Aye, ma'am!

… take a stance.

No head shot.

Watch the face red, black.


You have 20 minutes to complete this mission. The obstacle is a wall. The mission is for the team to move all personnel and equipment from one side of the wall, over the top and down the opposite side.

Yes, sir!

Stand up. Stand up.

Bring your foot up here.

Get off his back, get off his back.

Let's go, get up here.

What did you learn from this obstacle that you can apply in other situations?

Adapt, achieve and overcome, sir.

He said adapt, achieve and overcome, right?

Yes, sir!

We've still got a lot more missions to go, you understand?

Yes, sir!

Squad leader, get ready to step.

Aye, sir!